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Here at HowToStopBingeEating.Net we are making our best effort to put together useful and quality information and resources to help people having binge eating problem.

Even If you are not suffering from binge eating and wondering if by any chance you have this problem, you may find here more details about the symptoms of binge eating disorder and types of binge eating also we have compiled useful  tips on how to stop binge eating.

How to identify symptoms of Binge Eating and what are available treatments?

We hope to provide you the useful and informative articles on How to Stop Binge Eating.

How to stop binge eating disorder


Our Mission

The HowToStopBingeEating.net is a nonprofit website committed to provide information and prevention of all types of binge eating disorders, You may find information ranging from anorexia to binge eating, and to promote self-esteem through positive awareness and education.

Our Vision Statement

HowToStopBingeEating.net is committed to address the problem of binge eating disorders on a global level. We are devoted and have dedicated team of health consultants to guide with preventing binge eating disorders, increasing general awareness about the personal, social pressures that contribute to binge eating disorders, and we take pride in helping those already suffering and finding the therapeutic services they might need. Our organization aims to act as a comprehensive and rich resource or educational resource guide for people willing to learn more about binge eating disorders and also for all those in need of help by gathering and publishing information about various available treatments.

Our Values

  • We are dedicated to provide global community with important, quality and useful information about the causes and symptoms of binge eating disorders and resource tools to identify and stop occurrence of severe binge eating disorders.
  • We are committed to educate web community about  preventive-warning and personal awareness also we strive in education about dangerous effects of binge eating disorders
  • We believe that everyone should be given all necessary resources in clear concise and unbiased way to stop binge eating.
  • We strive in bringing social awareness of HowToStopBingeEating.net’s cause to de-stigmatizing Binge Eating Disorder issue among community.
  • We value our resources, both financial and human, that we have in hand with us and always aim to utilize resources responsibly with goals to help community with healthy living.

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