Bulimia Facts – How To Stop Binge Eating

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All of us would have a special liking for any particular food depending on your preference. It is commonly seen that many of us have a sweet tooth and are particularly attracted to the non – nutritious or cariogenic sweets or the unhealthy fast foods and fried snacks.

However many are nowadays getting health and figure conscious and thus cutting down your calorie intake is into the trend. But with improper knowledge and without taking the advice from a dietitian can lead you to serious trouble. Many are under the common impression that cutting down on your meals or starving yourself can lead to sudden weight loss. They cut down on their most important meal of the day-the breakfast and feel that they have done an excellent job by doing so. Unknowingly they end up binging on snacks when the hunger pangs rise up. This is totally unhealthy and can be dangerous too if this goes beyond control.

Bulimia FactsBulimia is such a disorder that is caused due to over eating of these unwanted snacks. The Bulimia facts are thus characterized by an over-eating and subsequent guilt which gives them an idea to forcefully throw out by vomiting or using laxatives. They might also end up in compulsive exercise and end up getting hurt because of lack of training or knowledge. It is a disorder because at that particular time food seems irresistible when they are hungry and sometimes not under their control. This disorder is actually life threatening as self administered, non scientific methods are used to force yourself to flush out food from the stomach by puking. Along with the food you lose a huge lot of electrolytes too and end up getting dehydrated. They are unaware that it is completely an inappropriate method of weight management and is also termed under psychological disorder.

Often, people think that eating disorders like Bulimia only affect young females, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, most Bulimics are women but not young ones, 85% to 90% of the population who has this disorder are grown women. It doesn’t really matter from what part of the world they are, this disorder is not related to one particular country or continent. People from all walks of life have this disorder, sometimes males are struck with this too. This effect cannot be termed as a disease, because it’s not one. Most of the women affected by this problem are Americans, that may be due to the fact that people in America value thin people more than other ‘sized’ people.

Women all over the globe have the tendency to maintain their figure, especially in America where the ‘thins’ have more significance. Sometimes people who come from other parts of the world and settle in the USA cannot adapt to their culture and are more prone to develop this disorder. It’s clear that this type of eating disorder is mainly developed because of thinking and is not in any way problem of the human body. This theory was termed as ‘cultural clash’, although not everybody develops it, a few studies have determined the effects of ‘cultural clash’ can indeed be one of the reasons.


If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned bulimia facts and confused about how to resist when you are hungry, read on to understand how to stop binge eating.

  • Don’t skip your breakfast. Have a complex carbohydrate and protein rich diet first thing in the morning.
  • Have nutritious snacks after a period 3-4 hours when you feel hungry.
  • Have a light but nutritious lunch
  • Have a light healthy snacks before your dinner
  • The last meal of the day should be light and must be given some time before going to bed.

With proper advice from a nutritionist, all these problems can be tackled. You will understand that it is not that difficult to stop you binge eating disorder.

It is very essential to tackle this at the earliest stage as otherwise in the later stage; it would lead to Bulimia nervosa which would then need medical help. The root cause behind this disorder also needs to be understood. This is because there might be reasons like stress and depression for which psychological therapy would be needed.

For more about binge eating help and the kinds of nutritious snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs, browse the internet or read my article on this site.. One can also visit the fitness centers for appropriate weight management training and get advice from the dietitian about the diet chart recommended for you.

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